2 day program Presented by the Buffalo Center for Cultural Innovation  July 31st to August 1st, 2019   – Buffalo NY

Trust: Think about the individuals that you lead. Ask yourself – do you trust them? Trust them to do what they say they will do, achieve what needs to be accomplished on time and within budget?  Do you trust that there is complete understanding of what needs to be done?

If you answer no to any of the above – you have a trust problem, and simple enough the problem resides with you – not them.  What’s missing, that you have not earned their trust; for surely if you were a trusted leader wouldn’t you have inspired others to be worthy of trust as well?   If you were a trusted leader wouldn’t you would have demonstrated the character and habits of one who is worthy of trust.  If you were a trusted leader you would have modeled the way.

Trust starts with YOU and being the trusted leader – worthy of trust starts with you.  

Want to learn more and become a Trusted Leader:   Join us for a two day seminar on ‘Developing the Trusted Leader’.  

Taking place:   Wednesday, July 31st – Thursday August 1st at the Buffalo Center for Cultural Innovation, 455 Cayuga Rd Buffalo, NY 14224 United States

You’ll Learn:

  • Leader character and the habits of a trusted executive
  • Principles of a trusted leader
  • Clear concise communications methodology that enables trust
  • To define and develop your own personal roadmap to being a trusted leader

Who should attend?

Executives, business owners, team managers and their teams, individual business contributors and others who truly want grow personally and professionally to excel to the ranks of ‘trusted leader’.

How you will learn:

This won’t be your typical training session.  The program is designed for maximum interaction with an experienced facilitator walking you expertly through the journey.  Throughout the program you will learn more about you, your strengths/weaknesses, tackle courage front and centre, learn the benefits of clarity and most importantly you will leave knowing exactly how to apply your new knowledge in both your work and personal life.    

Program Content

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