Most everyone has heard reference to Culture being an important plank in your strategic platform. Your culture is formed in response to the experiences your employees have within the organization. From these experiences beliefs are developed and those beliefs drive behaviors. In many instances, culture appears organically, without much thought or strategic intent. They are “reactions” to experiences that become commonly held beliefs. The best organizations have cultivated “strong” cultures that unpin their competitive advantage. Without a strong culture it is more difficult to attract and retain good people, more difficult to effect change, adapt to new opportunities and weather challenges. Maybe that’s why Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

“Like the weather, climate can change.”

Far fewer people have heard of culture’s greatest influencer, Climate. Climate represents the thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors that occur day to day inside the organization. Like the weather, climate can change. Over the long term, climate directly influences the culture of the organization. Most importantly for leadership, climate is how culture can be influenced to align with the strategic intent of the organization. Climate drives culture. Behaviors influence beliefs. In fact, research tells us that between 40-60 percent tof climate is a byproduct of leadership behavior. Leaders have terrific influence over climate, and thereby, the culture of the organization.

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