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Healthy Culture as a Business Strategy: Meet Alan Weinstein

Q: Why are you involved with Awaken?

A: I’ve known Jim professionally for several years. I wrote a book on organizational culture, and Jim asked me if I was interested in speaking at Awaken 2020, so I said “Yes!”. I believe it will be mutually beneficial to share my experience with creating healthy cultures.

Q: What is the nature of your presentation?

A: It’s going to be on culture, specifically how great cultures fuel successful outcomes. Through my work with numerous companies, I’ve found that a combination of high morale and the energy it produces propels organizations to reach their goals. In my talk at Awaken, I’ll discuss the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy companies, and how creating healthy culture as a business strategy can fuel their success. I’m into the energy side of business. When people feel good about where they’re working, feel that they’re on a winning team, feel that their work is significant and meaningful, and that the company is forward-looking, they become energized to feel successful. It’s about companies shifting their focus from management and ownership to the employees and customers.

Q: In your opinion, why is organizational culture important?

A: I believe it’s important for two main reasons. First, we all work for a living, but if we don’t feel that we’re doing meaningful work or if the job becomes daunting, it can lead to a depressed atmosphere. We go to work, put in our time, and go home, which can lead to kind of an emptiness. I love to see more companies embracing healthy cultures in order to give their employees a positive experience. We spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. When your company believes in you, trusts you, and shows you respect, you reciprocate. It makes people want to come to work on Monday instead of waiting for Friday. Secondly, intentional culture is a successful strategy for healthy companies. Companies that are sustainable and profitable fuel growth and rewards for employees, so it’s rewarding all around. Culture is about having a winning attitude and believing that what we’re doing is significant, important, and worthwhile. It’s also an attitude of “We know how to do it and we do it well.”

Q: What are you looking forward to at this year’s Awaken conference?

A: I’ve never been to one, so I’m curious – curious about the audience, the other presenters, and what it’s all about. It’s a learning experience for me and an exciting one for the community and those outside of the community. I plan to attend the whole conference and to learn as much as I can from others. Putting an event like this together is a lot of work, so I’m hoping that it’s very successful and it becomes a tradition. I think it’s a wonderful idea.

Q: Attendees will be learning a great deal from you and other presenters at Awaken 2020. What specifically do you hope to learn?

A: I don’t know enough about the other presenters to say one way or the other. To me, the theme focuses on what’s new in different fields, so it’s about updating my knowledge. I’m looking forward to networking and meeting people with new ideas. I’m hoping to learn as much as I can from these presenters who do such interesting work. I’m going in with an open mind and agenda. I’m also hoping to gain some insight by sharing what I’m doing within the community.

Excited to see Alan talk healthy culture? Get your tickets here and we will see you on the 19th!