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Hydration & Why it Matters to Your Organization: Meet Gavin Brauer

hydrationQ: Why are you involved with Awaken?

A: Stas Balanevsky and I belong to the same ski club, and he has been helping us over the past year with our marketing at KindHuman. One of the programs we were working on in 2019 was a well-being program focusing on hydration. Stas thought hydration would be a helpful and informative topic, so he asked me to speak at this year’s conference.

Q: What is the nature of your presentation?

A: People often don’t realize the impact of dehydration. In fact, 75% of people suffer from chronic mild dehydration, which negatively affects our mental health, emotional state, and physical wellness. When we’re performing less than our best as individuals, our teams and organizations also suffer. Hydration is strongly linked to nutrition, movement, and mental health – all important components of any organization’s well-being program. My presentation will discuss ways people can make a few changes in their own behaviors, as well as those of the organization, without relying on a massive effort. We’ll explore why hydration is important, how to hydrate properly, and how we can change our behaviors in order to positively impact the culture of an organization.

Q: In your opinion, why is organizational culture important?

A: Because culture drives everything. The culture of an organization determines its behaviors, which determine the norms of the group. When an organization has a healthy culture, individual performance increases; and when individuals perform better, teams perform better. In other words, healthy cultures encourage people to be their best, while toxic cultures reduce the performance of teams within the organization, ultimately leading to unhappiness. When we’re part of a healthy culture that’s a good fit with ourselves, we’re able to share ourselves with the world. We can have a bigger impact because we’re able to rise to our highest level and potential.

Q: What are you looking forward to at this year’s Awaken conference?

A: This is my first time attending, so I really don’t know what to expect. I hope I can share my experience with people, and they can take something away from it. I’m excited to meet other speakers and attendees, and to learn something from them.

Q: Attendees will be learning a great deal from you and other presenters at Awaken 2020. What specifically do you hope to learn?

A: I hope to learn something from someone else’s life experience that’s different from my own, then I want to figure out how I can apply that in my life in a way that’s authentic to myself. As for my presentation, I hope people find it extremely practical and that they gain some solid takeaways to use to make their lives better.

Are you ready to hydrate your organization? Learn more from Gavin at Awaken 2020. Get your tickets here!